Sahara India to launch two electric scooters in India

06/06/2019 - 15:33 | ,   | Suvil Susvirkar

Sahara India has announced the launch of its new automobile brand Sahara Evols that will witness the launch of five products in the first phase. Apart from two three-wheelers and one cargo vehicle, the upcoming product list under the Sahara Evols brand will include two electric scooters - Classic and JMT1000. Next year, the company will extend its product line-up with two electric bikes.

Sahara Electric Products Classic Scooter
The Sahara Evols electric scooters will come equipped with keyless push-start system and a smartphone app for 24X7 support among other features.

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Apart from new products, Sahara India will also set up Battery Charging and Battery Swapping Stations at strategic locations to address the range anxiety issues. The company also aims to install fast charging systems featuring a docking mechanism in the country. Sahara India has commenced developing service centres in the city of Lucknow. The company targets to set up over 57 service centres.

Speaking about the upcoming range of electric vehicles, ‘Saharasri’ Subrata Roy Sahara said:

We are proud to introduce for the first time, a complete ecosystem of electric vehicles in India. Sustainable and environment-friendly modes of transportation are the need of the time as well as for the benefit of our future generations. The aggravated state of air pollution, majorly due to the proliferation of fossil fuel driven vehicles that emit toxic fumes in the atmosphere, is silent but for the biggest of threats to life on earth today. In fact, it is a grim reality that air pollution is affecting us personally and in quite an adverse way.

Subrata Roy further added:

Studies reveal that one out of every 8 deaths in India is owing to air pollution. Besides, the imports of crude oil heavily burden our country’s economy. The money otherwise could have been utilized by our government for public welfare like in health and education, for instance. Globally, however, remedies to return to a cleaner and a healthier world are been explored. The Sahara Evols range of electric vehicles is going to be our contribution in this direction – towards alternate, sustainable and eco-friendly modes of transportation.

The company aims to establish its ecosystem in the Tier II and Tier III cities in the country by the end of the current fiscal. The upcoming electric two-wheelers will be feature-packed and come equipped with lithium-ion batteries, keyless push-start system, a smartphone app for 24X7 support and app operated online locking system. Moreover, the upcoming products will be designed for zero direct emission and sound pollution. Also, the company plans to add a regenerative braking system to its products.

Sahara Electric Products Electric Scooter Charging
Sahara Evols will also install Battery Charging and Battery Swapping Stations at strategic locations.

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The motor and drivetrain have been developed specifically for the Indian conditions. The company claims to have designed the engines for high torque output for better performance. Sahara India claims that its new electric two-wheelers will have five times lower maintenance cost than internal combustion powered scooters. The company claims 20 paise/km running cost as against INR 2/km in petrol vehicles. The safety tech will include a Distress Alarm Button – an industry first – and GPS-enabled map location tracking.

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