Rendered: 2012 Mercedes B-Class

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Just yesterday, Mercedes India made it official that they would bring the smaller cars - A and B Class from their portfolio to India. But they also made it quite clear that these smaller stars will be here in 2013.

2012 Mercedes B Class

But by 2013, the current generation of A and B Class will be obsolete as Mercedes is already working on the latest generations of these models. The company has already showcased it’s A-Class Concept at the Shanghai Auto Show but being a concept it was quite outlandish to look at. So clearly, the A the B Class, being Mercedes, will be slightly conservative than the Concept A Class.

Here we are have a rendering of the Mercedes B Class from Jean-Francois Hubert of Auto Zeitung, a German Auto magazine. As we can see, the B Class will be have sporty looks, but will retain the space and comfort of the existing model.

We are expecting the same engines from the C Class to be present in the A & B Class as well. However, smaller capacity engines from the collaboration with Renault/Nissan can also be expected in the new car. Sure, there will be an AMG and a Cabriolet version as well to complement the line up.

Production version of the new B Class is expected to debut at the Frankfurt IAA in September. The A Class will follow suit.

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