Renault invents its own EcoBoost - 900cc engine develops 90hp [video]

09/05/2012 - 04:13 | ,   | Shrawan Raja

The war of small engines has begun. The increase in fuel price and strict emission norms has encouraged big automakers to invest in their R&D for the development of small engines with high power generation and good fuel economy. VVT and low inertia turbo charging has become a minimum requirement for most of the new engines developed.

Renault TCe 90 engine

Fiat’s turbocharged twin cylinder and Ford’s 1.0L EcoBoost are already in the market right now. But there seems to be a contender not far behind in Renault’s Energy TCe 90 engine.

With its 899cc displacement, VVT (Variable Valve Timing) technology and low-inertia turbocharging the engine delivers 90hp at 5,000rpm and its peak torque of 135Nm is available across a wide rev range, with 90% of it available from 1,650rpm

The positive aspect of having a small engine reduced engine capacity is the increased fuel economy. The “High Tumble Strategy” used by Renault will increase its efficiency even further.

[can't see the video above? Head over to the Youtube page for direct viewing]

You can expect the new engine in the next Clio and probably other models too. To spice things up Renault claims to have made the engine to sound like an old V6!

Interesting stats about the Energy TCe 90 engine:

  • 90 hp and 135Nm of max. torque
  • Acceleration : 90% of torque from 1650rpm and up to 5200rpm
  • Internal friction reduction : 20%, thereby leading to less loss of energy
  • 20,000hrs of endurance bench test
  • 800,000 km driven on tracks and in dynamic testing.

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