Spied - Refreshed Tata Indigo eCS shows its interior and rear sans camouflage

11/06/2013 - 11:34 | ,  ,   | Anjan Ravi

The refreshed Tata Indigo eCS is due to be launched sometime very soon, possibly even on June 19. While we have shown you a clear photo of the refreshed eCS' front, an Indian Autos Blog reader has just sent us images of the rear, side and even the interior of the facelifted car!

The Front

Refreshed Tata Indigo eCS front

The first thing that you see in these pictures is the new color this Indigo eCS now comes in. It's the same 'Urban Bronze' color seen on the Safari Storme and will add to the existing three colors currently available - red, white and silver.

Tata Indigo eCS front
Image of the current eCS added for reference and comparison.

That apart, the new 'smoked' headlights with the blackened lens is clearly visible in these images. The front grill has been given a generous helping of chrome and even the 'Tata' logo is now fixed in a chrome strip.

The foglights are of the same design, however, they are now bordered by a thick chrome enclosure. Apart from the chrome ringed foglights, the bumper design seems to be the same as the existing car.

The Sides

Refreshed Tata Indigo eCS right side

Coming to the sides of the car. The most significant change is the new alloy wheel design. Apart from being the most significant, the alloy wheel design is also a bit unusual (for a Tata). Some of the spokes are straight, while some of the spokes are 'Y-shaped'. That being said, this design does look premium and classy.

Head to Page 2 to view the interior and rear of the Indigo eCS facelift.

The Rear

What do we see at the rear? Nothing much really. The taillight unit is the same and you'll be hard pressed to tell the refreshed eCS apart from the outgoing model. The first indication that this is a facelifted eCS comes in the form of the chrome strip running along the bootlid.

Refreshed Tata Indigo eCS rear

Tata Indigo eCS rear
Rear of the current eCS added for reference and comparison.

The badge on the bootlid is also a bit different. We're not able to read it, but you can definitely tell that it has two lines (maybe 'eCS' followed by 'CR4'?). In the current eCS there is a 'BS4' badge on the left hand side of the boot. This seems to have been deleted on the refreshed car.

Coming to the rear bumper. The overall shape and design is the same as the existing car. However, there appears to be a blackened portion on the lower half of the bumper. From the images, it appears to be a sticker, but it could also be a plastic mould. We're not sure.

The Interiors

Refreshed Tata Indigo eCS center console
Note the silver accents in the center console.

The current eCS features a lot of faux wood inserts for the center console. A beige color scheme is used in the current car which extends to the gear levers, and some plastic components near the center console. Based on the spy shots, it seems that Tata will no longer be using those fake wood accents as the central console seen in the picture has a silver accent. The gear lever has also been finished in black plastics instead of beige.

Refreshed Tata Indigo eCS left side
Four-spoke steering wheel is clearly visible in this photo.

However, the most significant interior change comes in the form of the steering wheel. Where the current eCS sports a 3-spoke steering wheel, the refreshed car gets a 4-spoke unit. From what we see, it looks like the steering wheel from the older Tata's.

Refreshed Tata Indigo eCS rear seats

Moving to the rear seats, we don't need to be brain surgeons to figure out that the center armrest is all new. The plastics covering the seats makes it impossible to speculate about the fabric/change in pattern.

What are your thoughts on the refreshed eCS? Would the updated eCS better the new Verito Vibe?

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