Official - Tata Motors enters Indonesia as PT Tata Motors Indonesia

11/09/2012 - 15:55 | Tata Motors | Shrawan Raja

Tata Motors today announced its entry into Indonesia, the largest automobile market in the ASEAN. A wholly owned Jakarta-based subsidiary, PT Tata Motors Indonesia, will sell passenger and commercial vehicles from 2013.

Tata Motors introduces PT Tata Motors Indonesia

Instead of reading through the exhaustive statement, we're going to provide you with pointers that puts the brand launch in a nutshell.

  • Operations will be conducted through a wholly owned Jakarta-based subsidiary, PT Tata Motors Indonesia.
  • The commercial launch and local assembly of products are scheduled for 2013.
  • Country-wide dealer network is currently under construction for sales, service and spare parts.
  • The company has plans for developing components locally with Indonesian vendors.
  • Both passenger and commercial vehicles will be sold in Indonesia - products right from the 0.5T mini-truck to 49T heavy trucks under consideration.
  • By the launch period, about 15 dealers would have started operations across the country. In three years, PT Tata Motors Indonesia targets to open 60 dealerships, 100 workshops and 300 spare parts retailers.
  • Tata Motors is considering "setting up a manufacturing base in Indonesia to serve the country and the ASEAN region."

Tata Motors will display 14 products at the 20th Indonesia International Motor Show, that takes place in Jakarta on September 20, with a view of launching them progressively. A special green pavilion will play a significant part in the show with Tata CNG vehicles, the need for which is growing in Indonesia.

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