No kidding - Honda Jazz is COTY 2009 in Greece

12/05/2009 - 18:43 | ,  ,  ,  ,  ,   | Shrawan Raja

The Greek gods should have been pleased that day. They came upon the judges, who were made to bestow the COTY award on the Jazz. The Jazz was chosen to be "the one" by gods Apollo and Zeus.

Or was it?

It might sound all fun and games, but the truth is the Honda Jazz is the COTY 2009 in Greece signifying it's dynamism and popularity. It is undeniably the best choice in the Greek car market.

The jury comprised of Greece's top automotive magazines, and wasn't some online poll where half the votes are cast by Skoda and VW's PR agencies.

Sound even creepier when you listen to who the Jazz beat to grab the title- the Skoda Superb !

The Greek auto journalists handed the title to the Jazz after it beat contender Skoda Superb comprehensively by 114 points in their rating system.

So, if you are given a choice between the Superb and the Jazz, you now know which one to buy.

The Honda Jazz is offered in Greece with a 1.2-liter iVTEC engine that gives out 90bhp and a 1.4-liter 100bhp engine.

Conclusion - The Greek auto magazines and the Honda Jazz are Damon and Pythias here onwards. :D

Source - Money Poland

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