Next-Gen Mercedes-Benz GLC Production Commences

21/09/2022 - 08:20 | Mercedes-Benz,   | IAB Team

International production of the next-gen Mercedes-Benz GLC has commenced at 3 different locations.

Next Gen Mercedes Benz Glc Production Commences

The midsize SUV from the German automaker has started to roll off the production line at the company's plants in Bremen and Sindelfingen. Mercedes-Benz has also planned to begin the production of the next-gen GLC at its Beijing plant (China) later this year.

The Mercedes-Benz GLC and its previous models have been produced at the company's plant in Bremen since 2008. And the car is being manufactured at the Beijing facility since 2011. Due to the popularity and the expected high demand for the new GLC, Sindelfingen has now been added as a third production site.

Next Gen Mercedes Benz Glc Production Line

The GLC ramp-up is being digitally coordinated between the three vehicle plants demonstrating close collaboration across the Mercedes-Benz global production network.

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