Next-Gen Honda Africa Twin to feature direct injection - Report

30/08/2019 - 15:21 | ,  ,   | Neelanjan Chakraborty

The next-gen Honda Africa Twin is expected to feature direct injection, a technology previously used mostly in cars. New patent images leaked suggest that the Honda Africa Twin will get this technology to help meet the upcoming Euro 5 emission norms.

Honda Africa Twin 1100 Patent Image Direct Injecti
If the Honda Africa Twin gets direct injection, it will be the first Honda two-wheeler to get this technology.

With indirect injection, fuel and air are mixed just as they are entering the cylinder. While this does mean that the mixture is properly atomised and is able to ignite completely when the spark plug fires. However, during the valve overlap, some of the fuel-air mixture of unburnt gases escape via the exhaust valve. In comparison, direct injection technology allows the fuel and air mixture to stay separate until the very last moment. This prevents unburnt fuel from escaping to the exhaust.

The Honda Africa Twin facelift will be powered by a bigger engine with a displacement of 1,084 cc, up from 998 cc. In its present tune, the twin-cylinder engine coupled to a DCT unit produces 95 PS of power and 98 Nm of torque. Interestingly, though, the Indian version churns out a reduced 88.91 PS of power and 93.1 Nm of torque. The new, bigger engine is expected to have an increased output of 102 PS.

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Like the current Honda Africa Twin, the next-gen model will offer Honda Selectable Traction Control, riding modes and an option to select from MT and DCT. In India, the old model is offered with only DCT and that could be the case in the all-new model. The front suspension setup of the former is fully adjustable and is sourced from Showa. We would love to see what Honda offers this time around.

2018 Honda Africa Twin press cockpit
Honda Selectable Traction Control will possibly get another update in the Honda Africa Twin.

Other features to be carried forward include LED headlamps, adjustable seat height, rally-inspired digital instrumentation. Also, we would like to see keyless ignition and a smart key to make its way to the Honda Africa Twin, both of which will add great convenience to customers.

[Image Source: Bennetts UK]

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