New Volvo EM90 is a Scandinavian Living Room on the Move

02/11/2023 - 14:23 | Volvo,  ,   | IAB Team

Ever wanted to travel in a spacious, Scandinavian living room? Now you can, inside the Volvo EM90, the brand's first ever fully electric premium MPV.

Volvo Em90 Sunroof

Set to be revealed to the world on 12 November, the EM90 is about saving you time and reducing stress. About joy and peace of mind. About quality of life. The EM90 isn’t designed to just create room for more things, but room for life.

Generous cabin width and legroom inside a premium interior are only the beginning. A wide variety of premium materials, luxury lounge seats with so-called zero-gravity cushions, a large panoramic sunroof to enjoy the skies above you, and beautiful Scandinavian design details all come together and create a space that allows you to enjoy life to the fullest while you’re on the move.

Travel comfortably in your own personal space

The EM90 contains the most spacious and flexible interior that Volvo has ever offered. It’s suitable for both family and business use, allowing you to use the car as a personal space for de-stressing and relaxing together with your loved ones, by yourself, or to get some work done in an inspirational environment.

The car is a premium 6-seater that provides everyone with their own zone and personal space. This includes personalised entertainment and comfort adjustment options, controlled through the armrest and an elegant touchscreen on a natural FSC-certified wood surface material.

Volvo Em90

In the second row, special lounge seats provide passengers with all the amenities they could wish for: a massage function, individual ventilation and heating options, as well as built-in tables and cupholders.

The second-row lounge seats also feature zero gravity cushions with a seven-layer structure and a thickness exceeding 120mm, including high-density damping layers for both comfort and support. Meanwhile, the third row is easily accessible thanks to the sliding rear doors and long-sliding second row seats.

The panoramic sunroof covers the entire cabin and comes with a curtain and multiple ambient lighting settings, which provide a genuine Scandinavian mood. From a setting that recreates the famous Northern lights to themes that evoke Swedish forests and the dawn of Midsummer, you can find calm by picking your preferred Scandinavian experience.

Volvo Em90 Chair

Sophisticated design inspired by nature

Scandinavian design details are spread throughout the cabin, from the sophisticated Orrefors crystal used in the gear shifter to back-lit birch wood deco panels on the dashboard, doors and the back of the front row seats. These illustrate how Volvo's designers seamlessly integrate beautiful materials with technology throughout the EM90.

The upholstery and deco patterns are inspired by both Scandinavian nature and Asian art, creating a symbiosis that brings together modern, sophisticated design and the beauty of the natural world around us. For example, the seat upholstery patterns are inspired by mountain ranges in the mist, while the back-lit wood panels reflect the beauty of rays of light shining through a bamboo forest.

The Volvo EM90 is coming first to China and will make its debut on 12 November 2023. Pre-orders will start for customers in China on the same date.

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