This is Exactly What Next-Gen Tata Sierra Should NOT Look Like

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Launched here in 1991, the Tata Sierra was one of the coolest vehicles of its time. The SUV was on sale for a decade and it remains a cult classic even today. Tata Motors launched the Sierra Turbo a few years into the production run, which became an even bigger favourite among Indian auto enthusiasts. With car companies bringing back beloved nameplates in a new avatar to bring instant credibility, Tata Motors' own new Safari is a recent example. In fact, even the Sierra could be making a comeback soon. The Sierra was shown as an EV concept at the Auto Expo 2020, and today, we came across this rendering of a production-ready model.

Tata Sierra Production Render
The render of the new-gen Tata Sierra ditches the distinctive rear windows of the original.

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The Tata Sierra render above has been done by OZ designs and looks quite different from the EV concept. One of the most distinctive features of the old Sierra was its curved-over fixed rear windows. This, combined with the three-door design, made the SUV one of the most easily identifiable vehicles around. The Sierra EV concept made sure to retain that design cue and went a step further by making it an even bigger glass canopy over the rear seats.

Compared to that, this rendering of the Sierra veers in a different direction altogether with a more conventional design. The render ditches the concept’s design for a more straightforward 5-door SUV silhouette. To be fair, it's not the worst-looking render but it looks like it is inspired more by the new Land Rover Defender than the old Sierra. The front-end gets a slim black grille flanked by LED headlights and DRLs. The fairly large bumper gets fog lamps and a black skid plate. Over to the side, the Sierra seen in the render gets prominent squared-off wheel arches which are filled up by a set of black multi-spoke alloys. Overall, this is a very-well done illustration, but it misses out on the ethos of Sierra’s design that made the SUV a favourite years ago.

Currently, Tata Motors have no plans to launch a new Sierra in the market, at least none that we know of. However, if it does, expect the Sierra to have some sort of a hybrid or electric powertrain. Tata Motors may also launch an electric powertrain of the current Safari in the future as well. For now, the Safari is powered by an FCA-sourced 2-litre diesel that churns out 170 PS and 350 Nm of peak power and torque, respectively.

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