New Mercedes Wallbox Offers Connected, Intelligent Charging at Home

06/03/2024 - 13:07 | Mercedes-Benz,   | IAB Team

The new Mercedes-Benz Wallbox is now widely available across the United States, providing customers with another connected and intelligent charging option at home.

Mercedes Benz Wallbox Charger

With up to 90% of charging taking place at home, the Mercedes-Benz Wallbox is an essential tool to help customers charge quickly and easily. Mercedes-Benz customers can conveniently charge their electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid overnight, depending on the battery size and state of charge. The sleek design of the wallbox matches the design language of Mercedes-Benz electric vehicles, so customers can enjoy both form and function.

Connected and intelligent charging

Once the Mercedes-Benz Wallbox is connected to the internet, customers can use remote functions to easily operate the wallbox with the Mercedes me connect app on their smartphone – no matter where they are. For example, the app can be used to start and stop charging sessions, track the current charging status, display the charging history and more. Within the app, customers can estimate their home charging costs based on the energy rate and amount of energy consumed by their vehicle.

Mercedes Benz Wallbox Charger Usa

The Mercedes-Benz Wallbox is also able to receive "over-the-air" software updates, which will allow for additional features to be added as they are developed. Additionally, the Mercedes-Benz Wallbox can protect against unauthorized use by locking and unlocking via the Mercedes me connect app or RFID3 card.

Technology meets design

The new Mercedes-Benz Wallbox is a demonstration of innovative technology, eye-catching design and outstanding practicality. The housing follows the design principles of the Mercedes-Benz electric vehicle aesthetics, making it a stylish addition to any garage. The wallbox controls the charging process and delivers up to 11.5 kW on a 240V split-phase circuit4. This makes charging with the Wallbox about 8x faster than using a conventional household outlet. Multi-colored LED lights on the wallbox indicate the status of the charging process. When installed correctly, the integrated safety components of the wallbox provide additional protection against fault currents for the vehicle, home and wallbox when actively charging.

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