My Ride - Nazish Siddiqui's Yamaha YZF-R15

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This is a new section dedicated to bringing you the fun and hassles in owning an automobile. Thank you Nazish for kick starting this venture.

Nazish, an avid Indian Autos Blog reader, and a Yamaha enthusiast, was kind enough to share with us his story as a Rider and how a Black Yamaha R15 transformed the same.

This section may be considered good consumer advice for all those prospective Yamaha R15 buyers who need an owner's take. Below, is an account of IAB questions and Nazish's responses.

1. When did your passion for bikes begin?

I am passionate for bikes since adolescence. Bikes hold my fancy for as long as I could remember.

2. When did you buy your bike?

I bought my R15 in July last year.

3. Is it 1st hand or second hand?

It’s 1st hand.

4. Where did you take it for the first time? I mean after you bought it.

The very next day I bought my bike I went for a ride on one of the expressways a few kms away from my home. I still remember how  difficult it was for me to overcome the temptation of  taking my bike full throttle on that smooth road, but since my bike was just one day old I knew I first have to complete the run-in period before I could test the power of it.

5. How many kms have you clocked in it so far?

A little over 7K.

6. Tell me about the maintenance part of it. How much you shell out and how frequently?

Since Yamaha gives 6 free services during the first 15k Kms or 380 days from the date of purchase, my each free service costs around 400 bucks. This cost is only for the engine oil and no labor charges since the bike is under this free service period. During the first service the engine oil filter is replaced as well.

Apart from this I had to get the disc pad of my rear brake changed once which had worn out, that part was a bit expensive and it costs around Rs.1100

Since my bike is still covered under free service I follow the regular maintenance schedule as suggested by Yamaha. As of now it costs me around 400 bucks at Yamaha Pro (Service station). Apart from scheduled visits to the service center I also ensure to wash n polish my bike on weekends so that it always looks brand new.

7. What is the fastest you have gone on it?

The maximum I have touched so far is 130 Km/hr.

8. What is the max distance you have covered in it?

Not much, around 2- 3 Kms before the road came to an end. Otherwise I've covered 50kms in one stretch. I have not taken it out of the city as I have not had the opportunity or the interest to do it.

9. Safety..your take and the brand of gear you wear

I wear Vega Boolean helmet which works pretty well for me.

As for my take on safety I think that one should at least wear a helmet if not the rest of the safety gear, it not only ensures safety but it looks very cool and adds to your look and style.

10. How much your bike cost (Approx amount)

It cost me 1.03 lacs on road + the little bit of accessories I have on it added another 2.5 K.

11. Any modifications you have done on the bike?

Yes, a few. I have gone with some of the original Yamaha R15 accessories like Billet clutch,  brake levers and rim stripe tape. All of these are in golden color as they really look cool with the black color of my bike.

12. Some of the other similar bikes you have ridden and how they compare.

My first bike was Yamaha RX 100 then I switched to Hero Honda Ambition 135 ( was just fuel efficiency conscious at that time) but R15 is totally class apart and there is no way you could compare it with these bikes.

I have also tried the Apache RTR 160 which was my favorite bike before R15 but then the thrill I have while riding R15 is second to none.

The styling, the sporty riding posture of this bike make you feel none the less than Valentino Rossi. The ease with which this bike touches 100 km/hr mark is amazing.

13. How many kms you ride everyday..frequency of use

30-40 kms on an average per day.

14. Fuel. Which type of fuel and engine oil you use

I stick with Indian Oil premium because of high octane number it has.

15. Dream Bike

One of my dreams has already turned into reality. Now I aspire to own a Yamaha R1.

16. What's so special about your bike compared to the ones you've ridden before

Well there is no need to tell that Yamaha R15 is the best looking bike in India so far. The killer looks of the bike attracts everyone around. Apart from the looks, this bike has the most advanced technology offered by any other counterparts in India.

Being a 150 cc bike it can still compete with a P220 which is about 70cc more than R15. This bike is light in weight which adds to the handling, if you compare it with a pulsar then it is about 20kgs lighter in weight.

The 4 valve liquid cooled engine, disc brakes in both rear and front, 6 speed, dual head lamps all of these adds to the uniqueness of this bike.

17. What you like most and what you dislike.

As they say there is always a room for improvement, I would love to see the following enhancements in the current model:

a. A little more power at lower revs

b. A better designed tail light would have done wonders to the looks (Something similar to R125).

c. A split seat which is missing from this bike and which can be seen in many other bikes nowadays in India.

d. In the end not to mention the thin rear tyre which everyone speaks about.

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