Mercedes S Class spied shopping in Dubai as clay model reveals details

25/08/2012 - 20:10 | ,  ,   | Shrawan Raja

Is this the rear view of the new Mercedes S Class W222?

Mercedes S Class W222 rearMercedes S Class W222 tail light

Mercedes Benz Passion Blog have posted two snaps of a clay model revealing the shape of the boot and taillights of the next generation S Class.

The new S Class, codenamed W222, has been testing in Europe and the U.S. over the last year wearing heavy camouflage. The new S Class will play a larger role in the Mercedes lineup as it as has to diversify and stand in for the retiring Maybach brand.

The future S Class won't premiere until next year, but these snaps hint that the design has been frozen. The S Class' boxy boot has been nixed and a SLS-style rear-end takes its place.

The photograph's authenticity and the source are unknown, perhaps Mercedes sneakily released these images to arouse interest in the future launch? They could have perhaps been published strictly for internal circulation and someone in that building couldn't resist the temptation of getting an early reaction?

[can't see the video? Head over to Youtube]

Meanwhile in Dubai, Youtube user Miamikid2 struck gold at the Gold Souk area by Dubai Creek when he spotted a test prototype of the new S Class. Miamikid2 asks how there is a professional photographer in that part of Dubai that doesn't see witness any regular testing.

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