20 lakh rupee Mercedes CLA compact sedan wants you, do you want it?

13/09/2012 - 09:39 | ,  ,   | Shrawan Raja

[note - The legal department of Spiegel got in touch with us and requested the removal of the photographs. You can view them on their website, Spiegel.de]

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Hi I'm the Mercedes CLA Class. You mustn't be seeing this, at least not yet.

I was being photographed by my creators in Iceland, when a heartless American identifying himself as Bernhard Kohlmeier decided to spoil the suspense.

I'm not the first in my family to have my party crashed. My little sister A Class, got owned by a cyclist with a video camera, when she was doing her dress rehearsal in the Cayman Islands. You must have seen the million dollar reaction on her face when they broke the news to her!

I inherit my form from my little sister, I also will borrow all my equipment and interior from her, I'll just be an A Class with a sweet baby bump. I'm certainly pregnant, with many new ideas and promises.

I hear I have a modelling assignment in India. You see, my creators are investing 850 crore rupees at the Chakan manufacturing plant in India, to upgrade lines and make cars like me. I'm built around a platform, one that they call MFA (Modular Front-wheel drive Architecture) and I'll have many cousins in the coming years. A Sports Tourer (don't call her a scaled-down family van, she doesn't like it very much), a mini SUV (renewed a three year gym membership to get his six pack well in time for his big day in 2014) are also joining me in India, together we'll make one happy family.

As team unstoppable, we plan to flip the switches of emotion and aspiration inside the young Indian's head. If die Indian has about 25 lakh rupees to spend, he should find no point in those bloody Folksvagens and Shkodas. Das Nein Auto!

I will have my two minutes of fame either at the Paris Motor Show in late September, or you'd have to wait until the Detroit Motor Show in January to meet me.

So until next time, good bye!

[Source - Spiegel.de]

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