Startling discoveries from the Maruti R3 MPV snap

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If you have been hiding under a rock since this morning, you would have missed seeing the images of a family Maruti MPV posted on doing the rounds on the internet. There' no doubt in our minds of this car' identity - it is the R3 which we reported on few days ago. The production model will not be branded R3, but until the commercial name surfaces, we'll term it R3.

new Maruti Suzuki Swift interiorsMaruti R3 Interiors

Left - Interior shot of the new Suzuki Swift; Right - Interior spy shot of Maruti R3

Studying the leaked image, we conclude that Maruti R3 has two-tone interiors and features like steering-mounted audio controls, CD player and power windows. The gear lever and door locks are picked up from the SX4 parts bin, but almost every other component visible in this photograph is lifted from the new Swift. The steering wheel, dashboard, plastic trim on the door, arm rest, rear view mirror, hand brake and possibly the seats come from the new Swift that debuts in India in the next eight weeks or so.

This then is a MPV heavily using components from the new Swift. Cost savings from the repetitive usage usually results in a well-priced product. Under the hood, a similar drama will be enacted. The 1.3-liter Multi-jet diesel engine, tuned to deliver about 95-100bhp is expected to turn up. Maruti should use the services of a VGT to make power delivery consistent. For a wedding partner, the 5-speed manual transmission is the obvious choice.

Many people blame the Grand Vitara' failure on the strong similarity, specifically on the interiors, it shares with smaller Maruti vehicles. This shouldn't be a problem for the Maruti R3 because the Swift is conceived as a premium hatchback. The new Swift with improved looks and revamped interiors will enjoy an even better image. Secondly the R3, priced from under 10 lakh rupees is aimed at large families. The Vitara on the other hand was a lifestyle product and people expected uniqueness and premiumness for 15 lakh rupees. These were present in small quantities leaving the Vitara with few takers.

Will R3 put an end to the Innova' act?

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