Li-Ion Reva with Solar Panels embark on India Tour

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We recently reported on the Lithium-ion Reva, and now we have more news to share on this vehicle, which should arrive in India in 2009.

As a part of the Indian Climate Solutions road tour, 3 LI-ion Revas will travel across 15 cities in India covering a distance of 3,500 kilometers. The cars have messages related to their aim all over their cars and a solar panel roof helps in extending the car's range.

Company founder and CTO, Chetan Maini, flagged off the event and issued a statement where he said that this was an opportunity to "showcase its advanced technology to battle environmental issues."

With the help of the solar panels, the car can travel a distance between 93 to 124 in a single charge which is much higher than the standard car's 75 miles.

Check out the interesting video on the new Maini Reva and Mr. Chetan Maini speaking about its new battery technology and the service plan.

IAB Comment- A good step from Maini to send their latest car sporting fancy technology on an Indian tour. Maini's electric cars are not very popular in India but with a car which looks better, offers more comfort, range and fair pricing, chances are better for Reva to become more popular. Their next generation car looks much promising, we must add.

Next-gen Maini Reva Images

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