It has begun - Hyundai Eon nears sales target as Alto shivers

20/11/2011 - 08:15 | ,  ,   | Kaustubh Shinde

Hyundai has launched a fully fledged onslaught on Maruti Suzuki by introducing the Eon. This segment was thoroughly dominated by the Alto for over a decade. Even the much hyped Tata Nano couldn’t shake the Alto from this segment. But what the Nano couldn’t do, the Eon has started to achieve.

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Hyundai had set a modest target of 7,000 units per month for the Eon. Despite of the fact that the Eon was launched with a petrol engine in a market where buying sentiments are dwindling, the little wonder has managed to mop up 6,315 orders. In the same month, Maruti Suzuki has posted the lowest ever sales of the Alto – just 15,197 units. Sure, a considerable amount of the Maruti Suzuki management’s attention was focused on solving the labor crisis and the production stoppage due to it.

Hyundai Eon headlight

But Hyundai isn’t getting complacent anytime soon when it comes to EON. 6,315 units is not 7,000 and hence the company is trying hard to push the sales figure.

In order to achieve the annual sales targets, Hyundai is increasing its footprint in non-metro areas to cash in on potential demand when the market recovers. The company is also planning to beef up the network of 336 dealer outlets and 150 sales branches to push sales.

Next month will be the true test of the EON as Maruti’s labor woes have come to an end and the production has started in full swing.

Will the EON further encroach on Maruti’s territory?

Source: BS Motoring

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