Honda Riding Assist, a self balancing motorcycle, showcased at CES

06/01/2017 - 12:18 | ,   | Neelanjan Chakraborty

Self-balancing motorcycles will be immensely beneficial for newer riders.

Honda, at the ongoing CES 2017, has showcased the Honda Riding Assist. Using Honda’s proprietary Balance Control Technology, the idea is to prevent the motorcycle from tipping over when the rider and the bike are at a stop.

Honda Riding Assist front three quarter
Honda Riding Assist is a self-balancing motorcycle which depends on balancing the weight of the rider and the bike to reduce chances of tipping off instead of heavy gyroscopes.

Using gyroscopes for balancing increases the weight to a great extent. To stop that from happening, Honda Riding Assist uses technology borrowed from their UNI-CUB personal mobility device (another concept from CES2017). Honda achieves this by raking out the front forks and then moving the front wheel back and forth.

That’s not all, Honda Riding Assist has a very cool follow the rider function, where the bike will literally follow you while you are walking away from it. The motorcycle itself can be traced to the Honda NC750 platform which is used in their adventure tourer range.

This self-balancing technology will be a boon for shorter riders at traffic lights. Balancing adventure tourers, which usually have a pretty high seat height, will be a piece of cake.

Honda Riding Assist side
Honda is tight-lipped about Honda Riding Assist's chances of reaching production.

Honda has not revealed when the Honda Riding Assist will enter production.

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