Honda Activa Gets Smarter, Now Comes With Smart Key System

24/01/2023 - 12:58 | ,  ,   | IAB Team

Honda Activa has been made smarter than ever before. The highly popular scooter is now available with a smart key system.

2023 Honda Activa Launch

The Honda Smart Key System incorporates the following features:

  • Smart Find: Answer back system in smart key assists in easily locating the vehicle. When the answer back button is pressed on the Honda SMART Key, all 4 winkers will blink twice to locate the scooter.
  • Smart Unlock: The Smart key System is a newer technology feature that makes it possible to lock and unlock the vehicle without using a physical key. In case the system detects no activity for 20 seconds after activation, the scooter automatically gets deactivated.
  • Smart Start: If the smart key is within the range of 2 meters of the vehicle, then the rider can smoothly start the vehicle by rotating the knob on the Lock Mod to ignition position and push the start button without even taking out the key.
  • Smart Safe: Activa 2023 comes equipped with Mapped Smart ECU which acts as a security device by electronically matching (ID) between the ECU and SMART Key, therefore preventing vehicle theft. The smart key has an immobilizer system which prevents a non-registered key from starting the engine. Without secure connection with Smart Key, Immobilizer System is not activated.

2023 Honda Activa Front Quarter

The Honda Activa 2023 is developed with as many as 5 patent applications. At the heart of the scooter is OBD2 compliant Honda’s trusted 110cc PGM-FI, boosted by Enhanced Smart Power (eSP).

This iteration of the Honda Activa will be available in three variants (Standard, Deluxe & Smart) and 6 colour options (Pearl Siren Blue NEW, Decent Blue Metallic, Rebel Red Metallic, Black, Pearl Precious White & Matte Axis Grey Metallic).

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