Is a Honda Activa Electric Model Merely 3 Years Away?

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The Honda Activa is India’s number one selling scooter. Introduced in the market back in 2001, the Activa crossed the 2.5 crore sales milestone earlier this year. Now, as more companies are entering or planning to enter the electric vehicle segment, Honda has also announced its future plans for electric two-wheelers. The Japanese brand has revealed that it aims to introduce 3 new EV models in the sub-50cc and sub-125cc markets for “personal use” by 2024. Does that mean that a Honda Activa electric model is just three years away? Frankly, we can merely speculate at this moment but this thought doesn't seem to be any far-fetched after going through the new revelation.

Honda Activa Electric Launch Image

Honda shared its future plans at a global press conference. The image used to showcase the brand’s vision suggests that out of the 3 sub-125cc electric models 2 will be electric scooters and 1 electric motorcycle. We can also see in the image what appears to be a more performance-oriented electric motorcycle that would be put under the "fun" category. The silhouettes of the two-wheelers used here are likely for representation purposes only.

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While finer details about the upcoming Honda electric two-wheelers were not disclosed, considering the immense popularity of the Honda Activa brand, we wouldn’t be surprised if an electric version of this highly popular scooter is amongst the 3 commuter electric models for “personal use” that the company is aiming to develop by 2024.

Honda is already working with other top companies like Yamaha, Piaggio, and KTM on standardised swappable batteries. This technology is certainly going to make electric two-wheelers in the future more approachable by the masses. We are expecting the Honda Activa Electric to make use of the standardised swappable battery feature making the overall ownership experience more enjoyable and practical.

In other news, production of Honda Activa and other Honda two-wheelers has been temporarily halted. considering the current dire circumstances in India as a result of the second wave of the deadly coronavirus, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. (HMSI) has announced that it will temporarily halt the production operations across all its four manufacturing plants in the country (from 1st May to 15th May 2021).

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