What Makes Hero HF 100 Cheaper than Hero HF Deluxe? [VIDEO]

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Launched last month, the Hero HF 100 is the most affordable motorcycle in Hero MotoCorp’s entire product range. It costs INR 49,400*. It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that it’s actually a cheaper variant of the Hero HF Deluxe that’s available at a starting price of INR 51,700*. So, what makes it more affordable? Let’s find out in this video.

The Hero HF 100 is available in only a single variant with kickstart. Hence, it is fair to compare it with the entry-level kickstart variant of the Hero HF Deluxe. The home-grown two-wheeler giant has made several changes to cut down costs that have enabled the company to put a low price tag on the HF 100.

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We can see in the video that both motorcycles are parked next to each other at a Hero MotoCorp dealership. Starting from the front, the HF Deluxe features a 3D Hero logo that is located on its visor. In comparison, the HF 100 doesn’t come with a 3D logo rather a sticker is used. Speaking of stickers, it is visible in the footage that fewer graphics are used on the HF 100 compared to that of the HF Deluxe. Also, the styling of the graphics is different.

Hero Hf 100 Right Side

Moving towards the rear, one of the easily noticeable changes is the pillion grab rail. On the Hero HF 100, there’s a thin metal grab rail whereas, on the HF Deluxe, Hero MotoCorp has provided a more premium-looking wider grab rail made of plastic. While the suspension system of both motorcycles is the same, the twin rear shock absorbers on the HF Deluxe have a black cover which is missing on the HF 100.

Another minor change can be noticed on the black box located below the fuel tank. On the HF 100, this box doesn’t have any stickers, however, we can find a “Programmed Fi” sticker on HF Deluxe’s box. It’s to be noted that both motorcycles use the same fuel-injected engine. Hero MotoCorp has also used a chrome-finished handlebar for the HF Deluxe. The HF 100, on the other hand, comes with a blacked-out handlebar. We can also see in the video that the tyres on the motorcycles are different.

Hero Hf 100 Hero Hf Deluxe Front

Apart from the aforementioned changes, the Hero HF 100 and HF Deluxe entry-level variant are quite similar to each other. There are no differences in terms of the engine, brakes, suspension, chassis, instrument cluster, etc. Can you think of any other aspect that makes the HF 100 cheaper than the HF Deluxe? Let us know in the comments below.

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*Ex-showroom, Delhi

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