Ford EcoSport vs Nissan Magnite - User Review & Opinion

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The Nissan Magnite was launched in the Indian market a couple of months ago and it became an instant hit for the brand since day one. In addition to having a fresh and attractive design language, it is also one of the most VFM products available in the market and often seen as a worthy upgrade for buyers of premium hatchbacks and compact sedans in this price range. Having said that, here is a quick Ford Ecosport and Nissan Magnite comparison which has been prepared based on the impressions of an existing EcoSport owner.

Ford EcoSport Vs Nissan Magnite: Exterior Looks and Design

As per the owner, the Magnite definitely looks a lot more fresh and attractive when compared to the EcoSport or the other contenders in the segment. For starters, the large front grille with chrome surrounds and the use of chrome in other parts make the Magnite look premium and appealing. The sleek LED headlamps and the L-Shaped DRLs give it a sophisticated and elegant front fascia while the sharp cuts and creases on the hood and other panels give it a hint of aggression that was much required in the overall elegant design. Move to the sides and the dual-tone alloy wheels will grab all your attention. In fact, they are definitely one of the best-looking sets in the segment and definitely give the car a great side profile.

All New Nissan Magnite First Review Side Left
The Magnite definitely looks a lot more fresh and attractive when compared to the EcoSport

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The Magnite, when compared to the Ford EcoSport, does look a little small from a distance but surely has a unique silhouette that looks fresh and grabs a lot of eyeballs. The rear, however, is a little too busy but in all, the Magnite remains one of the best looking cars in the segment. The compact dimensions, a strong road presence, and a fresh look gives it a significant edge over its rivals in the compact SUV segment.

The Ford EcoSport was the first sub-compact SUV in the country but looks dated now against newer competition.

Ford EcoSport Vs Nissan Magnite: Interiors and Cabin Space

The cabin of the Magnite is fairly spacious considering the exterior dimensions. In addition to this, the Magnite also comes with a long list of features which include wireless charging, ambient lighting, a digital instrument console, a large touchscreen infotainment system with wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The car also comes with a number of storage spaces and a large and usable armrest in the centre. The seats are comfortable but could have had slightly better cushioning. The visibility from the cabin is impressive and definitely better than the Ecosport.

Having said that, the Magnite is not as good as the Ecosport in terms of the overall build quality. The quality of the plastics used inside the cabin is not as great as the Ecosport and there were a few rattles present which indicates that the brand has definitely cut costs here. In addition to this, there are no soft-to-touch plastics inside the cabin and quality remains average. The Ecosport, on the other hand, has a much better build quality and the plastics feel robust and premium. Also, the overall sound insulation is significantly better in the Ecosport when compared to the Magnite.

Thunder Edition Ecosport 1
The Ecosport has a much better build quality and the plastics feel robust and premium.

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Moving to the rear seat, the Magnite offers a similar experience when compared to the Ecosport. The seats are comfortable and there is ample space at the rear. The seat recline angle is also great and the rear AC vents perform well. However, these AC vents are missing in the Ecosport but the overall AC performance here is marginally better than the Magnite.

There are a number of features that are available in the Magnite but are missing in the Ecosport and most other rivals, such as the 360-degree camera and wireless Android Auto. Buyers who will opt for the optional tech-pack with the Magnite will have other modern bells and whistles like air purifier, ambient lighting, etc.

Ford EcoSport Vs Nissan Magnite: Engine and Performance

Nissan introduced the new 1.0-L turbo engine in the Magnite and so far it has impressed each one of us with its power delivery and drivability. Despite being a small turbo engine, it has almost negligible turbo-lag and a linear power delivery makes it a great vehicle for the city as well as highway commute. The response to the throttle is impressive. However, the owner reports that the EcoSport has marginally better drivability, all thanks to the high torque output from the 1.5-L TDCi engine.

In addition to this, the Magnite gets a slightly stiffer suspension setup which makes it a driver's delight in terms of driving dynamics. The car holds its line and feels planted at higher speeds. However, the steering is not as communicative as that of the Ecosport's and there is a bit of understeer observed while negotiating tight curves. The owner also reported that the clutch travel on the Magnite is towards the longer side and the gearshifts, too, feel a little notchy. The torque delivery, however, is similar to that of a diesel engine which makes it a great car for everyday usage and requires fewer gearshifts.

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Ford EcoSport Vs Nissan Magnite: Final Verdict

With this being said, based on what has been discussed in this Ford Ecosport and Nissan Magnite comparison, it will not be wrong to conclude that the new Nissan Magnite is a great product for the price. The car also happens to be one of the most affordable sub-compact SUVs in the Indian market and has a long list of features that make it a VFM product. However, the brand could have improved the overall build quality of the vehicle as it does feel a little too flimsy on the inside as well as outside. For those who are tight on a budget and are out there in the market looking for a hatchback or a compact SUV, the Nissan Magnite will be a worthy upgrade.

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