Ford EcoSport update - Late 2012 or early 2013 release, sub-4 meter twist, updated spy pics

07/04/2012 - 10:22 | ,  ,  ,   | Shoeb Kalania

Where's my daily Ford EcoSport spyshot?

Our reader S R Vishnuvardan was driving back home from work when he spotted the Ford EcoSport that IAB readers now know like the back of their hand. Vishnu's pictures have been spread out over this article. Note that the images open in a new window.

Ford EcoSport side profile of the test mule

Why do we need a Ford EcoSport in India?

It is compact, the small dimension would make it easy to drive in the daily choc-a-block traffic. The higher ground clearance helps driver glide over our some of the unused lunar buggy test beds on our way to work and the sense of driving above everyone else instills a bit of confidence to our lovely ladies who maybe learning to drive.

On top of this, it has a very youthful and urban feel to it which would attract the youngsters and youngsters in mind. These are the customers who can become spokespersons of the Ford brand and buy a Focus or a Ford B-Max long wheelbase when their families grow.

If Ford is value selling the EcoSport, it must put function over form, right?

Well, the design of Ford EcoSport, is quite eye catching. The small footprint and a tall silhouette lends it a surprising stance. For some it’s a great looking design for other it’s like a remote controlled car that’s grown big. To each his own but the designers have kept the proportions under control without making it look weird. The vehicle has an innovative proportion, its an international product and the EcoSport customer in Bangalore and Bangkok will buy the same car.

Ford EcoSport rear three quarters of the the test mule

The use of tight character lines and surface changes coupled with bulging fenders give this little SUV a very macho attitude.

The front-end is very imposing. A huge inverted trapezoidal grille in chrome provides a very strong appearance, adding a bit of premium feel to it. The headlamps are sleek and look like a set of mean eyes adding to the car’s character. The production version has a similar design but lacks LED technology.

Round fog lamps are adorned again in a sort of trapezoidal enclosure. The outer bezel also might get chrome finish to carry forward that premium feel.

The lower part of bumper gets silver and black cladding giving a dash of sportiness.

The side profile is sleek, reminds us a bit of the new Fiesta hatch to some extent (its based on the same platform, remember?). Designers claim this car's design aids fuel economy and stability. A plastic cladding protects the paint in case you feel adventurous enough to take it off road. According to reports from South America, a 4X4 variant is a definite inclusion. Whether it is sold in India, we don't know yet.

The rear view mirrors also follow the flow of the vehicle and seem to come with inbuilt flashers in them.

Ford EcoSport rear profile of the test mule

Moving to the rear, now this is where we can say it looks like a true SUV. The first thing that catches your attention is a well designed alloy rim wrapped in fat rubber. Having a spare tyre on the tail gate is what gives the actual SUV characteristics to this design. Remove it and we get a hatchback that is stretched in height and lifted from the ground!

Hope Ford India provides a secure locking mechanism for the spare wheel; else expect many cars to be seen without one soon.

The tail-lamps are again as sleek as the headlamps. The C-Pillar gets small glass areas which makes the rear windshield to appear as one huge wrap-around glass sheet. The roof has an integrated spoiler with a high mounted tail lamp embedded in it. The rear bumper likewise gets silver and black plastic accents.

Ford EcoSport technical specifications

  • Wheelbase - 2.49 m, Width - 1.75 m, Height - 1.65m, Length - 4.17m (vehicle may enjoy the sub-4 meter benefits as this statistic could include the spare assembly's dimensions)
  • Wheels/tire: 17-inch wheels with 205/55 profile tires.
  • 4WD option reportedly ready for Brazil
  • EcoSport has undergone all global safety tests and cleared them all.
  • The production version will have ABS brakes, ESP and 7 airbags
  • Engine options will be 1.0-litre EcoBoost petrol engine and the 1.5 diesel motor

So when and for how much can we expect one in India?

Well, not so soon. Brazil is probably going to be the first market to get this on their road. India might get to see a year end or a Q1 2013 launch.

As far as pricing is concerned, it might be placed a tad above the Duster but nothing is confirmed for now. Lets wait and watch!

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