Evolution of Touchscreens in Renault Cars

04/07/2024 - 19:08 | Renault,   | IAB Team

Renault has been at the forefront of integrating touchscreens into its vehicle dashboards since the introduction of the Clio IV and ZOE in 2012. Initially offering basic functions like navigation and audio settings on a small screen, Renault's touchscreens have since evolved to meet the demands for more intuitive and user-friendly experiences.

Renault Car Interior

Early Innovations

In 2013, Renault enhanced the user experience with 7" touchscreens in the Clio IV and ZOE, allowing easy control of the R-Link multimedia system. Simultaneously, a joystick with a multi-directional axis was introduced in the Scenic XMOD and Megane, offering an alternative navigation method. These innovations marked the beginning of Renault’s journey towards larger, more responsive touchscreens.

Old Car Touchscreen Infotainment

Following Smartphone Trends

As smartphones advanced, so did Renault’s touchscreens. The 2014 Renault Espace featured a pioneering 8.7" vertical touchscreen, providing users with smartphone-like responsiveness and connectivity. This screen offered real-time traffic information, weather forecasts, and local search capabilities, enhancing the overall driving experience.

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Advanced Car Touchscreen Infotainment

The OpenR Dual Screen

Renault's pursuit of innovation led to the development of the OpenR screen, first seen in the 2022 Megane E-Tech Electric. This unique inverted L-shaped dual screen combines a 12" vertical panel and a 12.3" horizontal panel, offering unparalleled design and functionality. Covering a surface area of 774 cm², the OpenR screen sets new standards in ergonomics and user experience.

Car Touchscreen Infotainment

User-Centric Development

Understanding and anticipating user needs have been central to Renault’s development process. Customer panels regularly test prototypes, ensuring that new screens meet real-world demands for usability and safety.

Future Of Car Touchscreen Infotainment

Future Prospects

Renault continues to innovate with touchscreens tailored to specific models. The Renault 5 E-Tech Electric features a horizontal 10.1" display, while the Renault Grand Koleos offers a three-screen panoramic display for a fully integrated passenger experience. As digital technology evolves, Renault remains committed to delivering optimal and secure touchscreen solutions, driving towards a future of more ergonomic and intuitive driving experiences.

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