EeVe to unveil electric sports bike and retro scooter at Auto Expo 2020

03/02/2020 - 20:50 | Electric vehicles | Suvil Susvirkar

EeVe has announced that it will unveil two high-end electric vehicles – a sports bike and a retro scooter – at Auto Expo 2020. A part of OMJAY EV LIMITED, the brand will make its first-ever appearance at the biennial motoring event.

Eeve Your Electric Scooter Key Features
EeVe will make its first-ever appearance at the Auto Expo. Apart from the two new products, the company will display its existing four electric vehicles.

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The new products will be unveiled on 6 February 2020, the second (media) day of Auto Expo 2020. The company has remained tight-lipped about any further details about the high-end models that it will introduce at the motoring event, although it is safe to assume that the new products will join the EeVe India’s lithium-ion portfolio. Expect to see promising acceleration and top-speed figures along with premium hardware on the upcoming electric vehicles.

While the list of features is under the wraps, we expect to see full LED lighting and a Bluetooth-enabled instrument cluster on both products. Considering that the two vehicles will be pitched as premium models, we may see disc brakes on both wheels. It will be interesting to see if EeVe India uses inverted front forks for the electric sports bike to add a touch of premium-ness or opts for a conventional set up to keep the prices competitive.

In terms of performance, the numbers could be on par with existing products in the Indian market. Thus, the retro-style electric scooter could achieve a top speed of 80 km/h while the sports bike may be able to hit 100 km/h.

Eeve 4u Electric Scooter Spec Sheet
EeVe's current portfolio comprises four products - 4U (pictured), Xeniaa Wind and Your.

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Apart from the new vehicles, EeVe will also showcase its recently launched electric scooters – Your, Wind, 4U and Xeniaa at the event. The “Your” and “Wind” use lead-acid batteries, while “Xeniaa” and “4U” feature lithium-ion batteries. All four models benefit from features such as keyless entry, anti-theft lock, USB port and HL LED lighting as standard. We could see a similar feature list, if not more, on the upcoming, high-end products.

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