Damon Motorcycles ready to sell HyperSport in India, even as a private import - Report

09/01/2020 - 20:55 | ,   | Suvil Susvirkar

Damon Motorcycles unveiled a high-performance electric superbike at CES 2020 - the HyperSport, USA. The company is interested in launching this EV in India, reports electricvehicleweb.in.

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Damon Motorcycles has told the EV-focused publication that it will launch the HyperSport in India if it sees enough demand. It's even ready to sell the bike to customers who want to privately import it. Below is its statement about selling the EV in India:

We will be shipping (the Hypersport) to North America first. If India shows a large interest in high volumes, then we may also ship into India. If there is a special request for importing, we can discuss on an individual basis.

The Damon HyperSport boasts a stylish design that is complemented by a performance-spec electric motor. The all-electric engine is claimed to produce 200 hp of power. The 0-60 mph (0-96 km/h) acceleration takes less than three seconds, while the top speed is rated at an eyeball-flattening 200 mph (322 km/h). The pure electric superbike has a commendable range of 200 miles (322 km). Its battery can be fully recharged in less than three hours via s Level2 charger.

The Damon HyperSport also features a smart feature called CoPilot. The company's patented 360-degree Advanced Warning System delivers analyses all the obstructions around the vehicle and warns the rider of danger through haptic feedback on the handlebars, integrated LEDs on the windshield and a 1080p rearview camera. The company also offers “Shift” function that enables riders to change the riding position on the go. The preset options include sport mode and commuter mode with electronically-controlled 4-point adjustability that can be selected with a push of a button. Both CoPilot and Shift functions are available as standard. Also part of the standard package in 4G connectivity.

Damon Motorcycles will also offer limited edition Hypersport Premier (25 units only) that will be the first bikes to roll off the production line. The Hypersport Premier will come equipped with high-spec hardware configuration. The shock absorption tasks, for example, will be handled by Ohlins-sourced inverted front forks and a rear mono-shock. Anchoring power will come from dual discs at the front and a single rotor at the back, both grabbed by Brembo-sourced callipers. A single-sided carbon fibre swingarm will also be part of the limited edition model.

Damon Hypersport Electric Superbike Black Right Si
The Damon Hypersport electric superbike comes with "Shift" technology that can be used to change the ergonomics - selectable between Sport and Commuter - on the go.

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The Damon Hypersport reservations is available to pre-order in the USA now.

[Source: electricvehicleweb.in]

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