Chrysler goes electric! Unveils Dodge EV

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Today, during the unveiling on CNBC by Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli, the Dodge Ev was launched along with  three other Chrysler group products which have also gone electric.We knew that once GM brought in the Volt, other American manufacturers couldn't be far behind. And they weren't, and that's the reason why we have the Dodge EV, a small and sexy sports car based on the Tesla.

The four vehicles are Chrysler's ENVI electric car program, and include an extended-electric Chrysler minivan, a new "gated community" electric called "the peapod" and a Jeep Wrangler four-door. The ev, the first of the four unveiled, not only operates entirely on plug-in power like the Tesla Roadster and appears to have similar performance numbers, also has some striking visual similarities with the Tesla. We reckon that though the Tesla is based on the Elise, the EV bears strikes similarities with the upcoming Lotus Europa.

Recharge on standard home 110/220V current-full charge in four hours on 220V or eight hours on 110V.
• Eschews the Hemi engine for a lithium-ion battery pack.
• 0-to-60 time in under five seconds.
• Range of 150-200 miles.
• Unlike the Tesla, based on the Lotus Elise, the Dodge ev looks to be based on the Lotus Europa.

Source : CNBC

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