Chrome-finished Mercedes Benz C63 AMG spotted in Dubai

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All that glitters needn't be gold, and the car you see in the picture is an example of that.

This chrome-finished Mercedes Benz C63 AMG, gladly sits on the front page of Indian Autos Blog, as AMG has strayed into India. Images were snapped in Dubai (duh!) but the owner wasn't to be seen anywhere close by (probably went to buy an island to park this in)

This mean machine - C63 AMG (Aufretch Melcher Grobaspatch) is delivered into India as a CBU and costs a whopping Rs.1.25 crore. You get a choice of 10 colors, 7 are metallic. But if you need the chrome, you'll have to find an after market fella to get it done.

Mercedes C63 has very sporty styling just like all the other members in the AMG family. Fancy driving in pitch dark conditions, headlight in high beam, with one of these approaching you at high speeds. You'll get the goose bumps which an AMG acceleration can kick up, in the comfort of your Maruti or Tata. Perhaps that's what this car is meant to do? OK..I'll shut up. Enjoy the images.

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