Chevrolet Agile sedan spied; Chevrolet Agile official teasers

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Chevrolet Agile Sedan spied in China-

Chevrolet_Agile_sedan- 1Chevrolet_Agile_sedan- 2Chevrolet_Agile_sedan- 3Chevrolet_Agile_sedan- 4

Chevrolet_Agile_sedan- 5Chevrolet_Agile_sedan- 6Chevrolet_Agile_sedan- 7Chevrolet_Agile_sedan- 8

The Agile stemmed in Brazil and quietly is making in roads in Asia. The sedan version of the Agile (probably the Aveo U-VA in the future) once again was caught testing in Chinese streets. When it was spied the first time, we even went to the extent of making Chevrolet Agile sedan rendering.

While we don't know if these are the U-VA and Aveo replacements, the low-cost platform nonetheless is being put to good use. This car will be sold as the next generation Chevrolet Sail in China.

Codenamed Sail NB NGS, NB stands for notchback and NGS for New Global Car, it is a cheaper version of the Aveo sedan.

Interesting, the Spark is stationed below the existing Aveo in India. Now that the next generation Spark is ready, we assume it will be priced around the Aveo's range (4.5 lakh and upward).

If GM India brings the Agile in, where would they position it? I don't think positioning it around the Jazz-i20 range would bring them any fortunes (at least not on the long run) since the Agile looks very plain and no-frills to me.

I have a gut feeling the Aveo and U-VA will be taken out and the Agile and Agile sedan will take up the task.

Chevrolet Agile official teasers -


Meanwhile in Argentina, General Motors has release two images of the Chevrolet Agile with full camouflage. Twenty models were used for several crash tests and over 150 prototypes clocked a million miles to determine reliability, the press release read.

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