BMW Z4 snapped in Mumbai with pre-launch disguise

10/10/2009 - 19:55 | ,  ,  ,  ,   | Ritesh Madhok

BMW_Z4_Mumbai_spiedA BMW Z4 with the covers on sits in a trailer transporting it to the launch floor

Driving down the main roads of Mumbai at 7.30 PM,  I notice a trailer carrying something with a weird shape. I moved closer and my initial thoughts were correct - it is a car.

I tell myself it must be a car that was involved in an accident, and is transported to workshop for repairs.


I happen to see the BMW logo on the wheel when the neatly covered car gets upset by the oncoming wind.

Well well.. I begin to think hard which BMW has such a low-slung stance, long wheelbase and is on the Indian radar -- instantly the Z4 pops into my mind. Luckily I have my cam onboard -- Click Click and I have a fully covered BMW Z4 in its memory.

The driver sees me and immediately stepped on the gas -- he's driving a truck for pete's sake -- how will that ever be faster than my 100+hp Verna?

Factors like slow moving traffic and a poor power-to-weight ratio kept him in my sight and I started clicking. As I moved closer to the trailer, I noticed the wheels, the sillehoute of the car cannot be mistaken for anything else - its the BMW Z4 getting transported to the launch site, which will also be visited by me on Monday. Only this time, I promise to come back with shots of an uncovered Z4.

BMW Z4 Spied in India Image Slideshow

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