BMW X3 xDrive20d Emergency Rescue Vehicle debut at Geneva

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BMW's high-performance vehicles are used to serve the purpose of Police vehicles and joining that group is this BMW X3 xDrive 20d. BMW will unveil this car to the public at Geneva and this car is nothing less that a compact SAV tailor-made for the cops.

The red and white emergency livery, the blue rooftop siren lights and additional lights in the trunk make sure the vehicle is visible all around in case of emergency. Emergencies require special cars and the sharp responses of the X3 should fit the bill tightly. The interior has a cargo cage and radio, and mechanical changes are limited to an extra 12-volt battery to help power the emergency equipment.

This special purpose BMW X3 uses a 177 bhp (130 kW) oil burner lifted from the standard X20d. The xDrive all wheel drive will give equal performance on all weather conditions and can also be used in remote locations.The BMW X3 emergency vehicle uses the 130kW (177hp) running gear of the X3 xDrive 20d. So who is BMW selling this to? Geneva has the answers.

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Press Release

At its official public stand in Geneva, the BMW Group is displaying a BMW X3 xDrive20d emergency rescue vehicle. This is the first time it is being presented to the public, and by doing so, BMW has chosen not only to emphasise the X range's versatility, with its intelligent, electronically controlled four-wheel drive system, but it is also taking the opportunity to publicise its wide range of special-purpose vehicles.The BMW X3 medical emergency vehicle presented at the Geneva Motor Show has 130kW (177 bhp) of power, making it a natural choice for fast rescue operations in virtually any location. Since BMW has plenty of experience with special-purpose vehicles, it has created, in association with a special-equipment company, a vehicle which is specifically configured for use in medical rescue situations.

The exterior of the BMW X3 is in plain white, with contrasting reflective red film and red stripes on the sides and boot lid, and double strips on the bonnet, to render the vehicle's special function visible even at a distance. To further increase its visibility, the car's contour markings have integrated reflective gaps on the sides and at the bottom of the boot lid.

Naturally, like any emergency rescue vehicle, it is also fitted with a special roof-mounted alarm system, including a blue light, an electronic siren, and an LED display with the word NOTARZT ("emergency doctor"). Two additional flashing lights are fitted inside the boot, which when opened, provide adequate warning to oncoming traffic during difficult operations.

The interior fittings of the BMW X3 emergency vehicle are somewhat more inconspicuous. These include a sturdy metal dividing frame between the luggage space and passenger cabin, a mounting for the radio device, which includes a power supply and a rest for the hand unit, as well as a charging point in the luggage area. To ensure that this special-purpose BMW X3 doesn't get stuck with an empty battery following extended use, it is also fitted with an extra 12-volt battery, complete with isolation relay.

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