Video - BMW M5's sweet symphony at 300 kph on the Autobahn

26/09/2011 - 07:24 | ,  ,   | siva

The president of the "M Flight Club", Mr.Hans had recently got the chance to drive an M5 F5 packed with a 560bhp twin-turbocharged V8 powerhouse. And like all good German auto enthusiasts he took it to, I think you guessed it, the Autobahn.

Mr.Hans had taken the M5 F10 to the Autobahn 62, the road towards Trier and he was lucky enough to grab a hold of the car which did not have the 250kmph speed limiter. Wearing a happy grin, he put the M5 to the test and floored the pedal and reached the 300kmph mark.

Later Mr.Hans, while explaining his experience in the M5 had said that he was a bit disappointed for not being able to hit  the 330kmph mark as mentioned in the official tests. He stated the reason not being able to hit the mark was due to traffic, which suggests that he was at 300 kmph while he faced traffic and decided to slow down.

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