Bajaj launches advanced RE-GDi auto rickshaw in Mangalore

23/06/2009 - 11:16 | ,  ,  ,  ,   | Shrawan Raja


GDI or Gasoline Direct Injection is what high-end cars like Audi and Mercedes Benz benefit from. Not any more, as our very own Bajaj has come out with an autorickshaw with a GDI engine!

We shall not go into the fluid dynamics and thermodynamics of a GDI engine and explain its advantages over a Throttle body injected or carbureted petrol engine.

The bottom line is GDI is a much advanced form of fuel injection and has superior advantages over the regular setups, by delivering higher power, lower emissions (50% lower carbon monoxide, 25% less HC, NOx) and better fuel efficiency.

Bajaj Auto has added yet another kind of auto-rickshaw to its portfolio. It launched a gasoline powered RE –GDI (gasoline direct injection) on June 20th in Mangalore, Karnataka.

According to Bajaj, the new engine is developed keeping in mind stricter emission norms which are going to be implemented from 2010. In addition it is also 33% more fuel efficient compared to the regular vehicle. They also have strong low end torque and more power to improve the driveability.

Obviously, early customers have reported an increase in their daily earnings.

These new auto ricks have lower emissions than their LPG or CNG counterparts!

The auto rickshaw is priced at 1.17 lakh (on-road) Mangalore.

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