Bajaj Pulsar 220F vs Pulsar RS 200 - No Replacement for Displacement?

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Bajaj Auto has a total of 10 models in its Pulsar range of motorcycles. Out of those, the Pulsar 220F has the biggest engine with a displacement of 220cc. On the other hand, the Pulsar RS 200, although has a relatively smaller engine (200cc), is the only fully-faired motorcycle in the company’s entire product lineup. So, what if the Pulsar 220F and RS 200 are brought together for a top-end drag race? Is there really no replacement for displacement? We have come across a video which answers this question.

The video has been created by YouTuber KSC Vlogs. In it, the riders had made two attempts and switched motorcycles at the end of the first try to keep things fair and square. Both the times, the RS 200 was quicker off the mark and gained speed at a faster rate than the Pulsar 220F. It also clocked a higher top speed of 144km/h whereas the half-faired 220F fell short in this aspect, too, and reached a top speed of 137km/h. So, the video concludes with the RS 200 as the winner.

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Even though the Pulsar 220F has a bigger engine, it is not as powerful as that of the RS 200. It produces 20.4PS of max power at 8500rpm and 18.55Nm of peak torque at 7000rpm. On the other hand, the 200cc motor of the RS 200 is capable of delivering 24.5PS of max power at 9750rpm and 18.7Nm of peak torque at 8000rpm.

Bajaj Pulsar Rs 200 Burnt Red
Even though the Pulsar 220F has a bigger engine, it is not as powerful as that of the RS 200.

And it’s not just the engine which helped the RS 200 to come out as the winner in both the attempts. No matter how bulky-looking its fairing is, it does provide the motorcycle with an advantage in terms of aerodynamics. So, even though the RS 200 weighs 6kg heavier than the Pulsar 220F, it has the necessary tools that make it accelerate faster and have a higher top speed.

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