Testing brand stretchability- Audi Q2, BMW X4, Audi A4 SuperAvant

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It’s no surprise that the Germans rule the roost when it comes to the luxury market because they are the ones that take maximum risk. Sure, companies like Volvo and Jaguar make brilliant products but they stick to the formula. The Germans, on the other hand, are constantly inventing and innovating.

Audi Q2BMW X4Audi A4 SuperAvant illustration

[Audi Q2, BMW X4 and Audi SuperAvant will take product lines to avenues unknown thus far]

And it’s not just technologies, it’s entire product lines. Earlier, the luxury car market only constituted of long sedans and bulky SUVs. But the game has entirely changed. Now its all about coupes, crossovers, sports tourers et al. And who took the risk first? The Germans.

Even now, the Germans are constantly inventing new segments. Three cars that are reportedly being considered for production that have caught our attention are the Audi Q2, BMW X4 and the Audi A4 SuperAvant.

The Audi Q2 has been churning the rumormill since 2008. As the name suggest, the Audi Q2 is a smaller crossover expected to sit below Audi’s smallest crossover yet – Q3. Based on a blend of the A1 and MQB platform, the Q2 will be powered by 1.2-liter TSI and 1.2L TDI engines. Most Q2 variants will be front-wheel-drive, but all-wheel-drive (via an electronic rear differential) will be available on higher trim models for mild off-roading. While a Q2 concept is said to be under development, a production version would take between two and three years to reach showroom floors.

The BMW X4, on the other hand, is a rather tried and tested idea with some slight changes. When BMW launched the X6 – a coupe crossover – the critics wrote them off. But the company boffins knew what they were doing and the X6 is a success. Now the Bavarian czar is shrinking the X6 to make the X4 – a smaller coupe crossover to rival the Mini Countryman and RangeRover Evoque. The X4 will be 4.65 meters long and would look like a blend of X6 and X3. Very few details are available for the X4.

In February it is said that a group of top Audi designers and engineers assembled at the Turin Italidesign Studio to study a crossover-station wagon fusion bearing the A4 nameplate with a raised seating position and voluminous luggage space. This vehicle may look like a MPV, but Audi's designers are working to make sure that connections are not triggered with conventional MPV models. The MPV body style is not compatible with Audi's brand image.

Audi could call it A4 SuperAvant, and the design could look like a shrunk BMW 5 Series GT, with a taller stance. Unlike a MPV, Audi will offer seating only for five occupants. A concept car is likely to be shown in 2014 that would be followed by the introduction about two years later. The product positioning is between the A4 and Q5.

Would any of these products work? We are eagerly awaiting your comments :)

[Source: Autobild.de, Autoevolution.com & Automobilemag.com]

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