Ather 450X Collector’s Edition unveiled, gets translucent body panels

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Bengaluru-based EV-maker, Ather Energy, has finally unveiled the highly-awaited Ather 450X Collector’s Edition. It is a special variant of the standard Ather 450X electric scooter and will be available only for those customers who booked the EV much before it was launched without even knowing any details whatsoever.

Ather 450x Collectors Edition Translucent Body Pan
The most attractive feature of the Ather 450X Collector’s Edition is the translucent body panel.

The new Ather 450X Collector’s Edition gets a very attractive colour which features glossy black paint scheme with red highlights on several parts of the electric scooter. Ather Energy says that this is a special colour that is exclusive to the 450X Collector’s Edition models. While the new paint job certainly is eye-catching, it is the translucent body panels that are the showstopper here.

When Ather Energy announced the 450X Collector’s Edition, it said that the electric scooter will have an ‘inside-out’ design. Now, when the EV maker has revealed the new model, it is clear what the company meant with the ‘inside-out’ design. The Ather 450X Collector’s Edition features translucent body panels. These are made out of polycarbonate and reveal the rear trellis cast aluminium structure of the electric scooter. Ather Energy has ensured that the under-seat storage compartment remains opaque. Undoubtedly, this is a fabulous design and will be really appreciated by the lucky Ather 450X Collector’s Edition owners.

Called the Series 1, the new 450X Collector’s Edition electric scooters will start getting delivered from November. The owners will first get the EV with normal body panels. Ather Energy will send the translucent ones later, perhaps, by May 2021. Customers will be able to retrofit these panels.

Ather 450x Collectors Edition Instrument Cluster
Apart from the design changes, the Ather 450X Collector’s Edition will also get an updated UI for the instrument cluster.

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Apart from the design changes, the Ather 450X Collector’s Edition will also get an updated UI for the instrument cluster. Ather Energy also promises to provide the owners with a year of free servicing. Except for the aforementioned changes, the rest of the electric scooter remains identical to the standard Ather 450X.

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