A Dream Realized- Audi TT bought from Adsense money

12/08/2008 - 15:04 | Specials,  ,   | Dave

Any new blogger will have high dreams and ambition to earn a lot of money through his blogs. Love for the money has never left men. No dream is too big unless and until you work hard. Here is a guy who has achieved this wild goal of owning a Audi TT from his Adsense money.

He has been blogging for a couple of years now for different sites and has been able to achieve this goal in such a short span of time.

This blogger proudly says that with this Adsense money he has been able to get something different rather than using it for living and tax paying. He has two reasons for him to go for an Audi TT. First is the looks and second is whooping 200 bhp which the car delivers.

He gives few tips for the new bloggers who are aspiring to go big, including me. Firstly he talks on what all you need to have in you to go big. Simple, Hard Work and setting short term goals which will invariably help you to achieve your long term goals. From his personal experience he advices us not to have an aim of earning $5000 a month.

Have a small amount as your target so that you never get disappointed. He says jumping from $5 to $10 a day takes as long as the jump from $50 to $100. So never get dejected even though your your progess curve is slow.

Proper planning, hard work and more importantly have faith in yourself. If you have all these sky is the limit. Keep working hard and never give up. No dream is too big! These are his mantra's to success.

Added here are the pictures of his brand new Audi TT.

Source- http://myadsenseaudi.com/

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