2014 Mercedes S Class caught testing by IAB reader in Dubai [video]

28/08/2012 - 10:16 | Spy pictures,   | Shoeb Kalania

Dubai is a place known for low petrol prices, dune bashing, shopping festivals, urban mazes and exotic rides that can be spotted on every street corner.

Mercedes W222 testing in Dubai spotted by Nithin KumarMercedes W222 testing in Dubai

This land of the Arabs is the go-to place to watch some of the most unique and expensive vehicles on the planet, burn rubber.

Today Dubai can add another vehicle to that collection, the 2014 Mercedes-Benz S Class. The affluent Arabs of Dubai are already acquainted well with this model, that has been caught testing regularly this year, and by the time it comes out, many of them would buy theirs wrapped in gold!

These snaps are sent in by our eagle-eyed Dubai reader Nithin Kumar. Nithin spotted the upcoming luxury car in Karama just right outside Al-Irbrahami restaurant.

We wonder why did Mercedes chose Dubai as a test bed for the new S Class. There are a good number of tourists at any given time of the day, armed with cameras, and attacking every street in search of souvenirs, gifts, etc. Perhaps Mercedes wants to real-world test cars in markets or roads where they will one day be very popular?

A more realistic explanation is Dubai's hot weather conditions.

Mercedes W222 spotted testing by Nithin Kumar [Video]

[can't see the video here? Head over to Youtube.com]

Recently we brought you pics of a clay model, which could have been leaked by an insider, that reveals the rear-end of the car.

The 2014 S Class comes out next year in a number of variants including a stretched limo version to replace cars from the retiring Maybach brand. For India, Mercedes will begin assembling the car in 2014 at its Pune plant.

We are eagerly awaiting Mercedes-Benz to showcase the new S Class. It is said that everytime the S Class moves to the next generation, it visits the future in a time machine and steals so many technologies into the present. With the new model, we expect a bunch of such unimaginable features to crop up, which in the next 5-10 years will trickle into the humdrum cars.

Stay tuned with IAB to get more exciting news of the Mercedes W222.

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