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2013 Skoda Octavia CombiSkoda is fresh from announcing the all-new Octavia sedan that will also reach India this year. But as with the ‘Octy’, things don’t stop at the sedan.

After the launch, one naturally expects to see the meaner version taking the form of the vRS and naturally the more sedate and practical estate.

We’ve some news on the third variant today.

As with Skoda’s nomenclature, the estate will be called the ‘Combi’, for reasons which are rather obvious. Its a combination of the sedan and the boot space of an MUV. In fact, Skoda India used to sell the previous gen Octavia Combi (the one before the previous gen if you’re an overseas reader).

Yes, it can be argued that the sales of that particular variant never took off thanks to the lack of a market in India (we like our SUV’s, thank you very much) but that does not mean that the international market doesn’t get the more practical Octy, does it?

Skoda seem to be on the final testing phase of the Combi and the model was also caught during the shoot for the commercial/press promos.

The difference in styling from the sedan to the estate seem very minimalistic and that is how Skoda have been playing it out for the past generations of the Octavia. It looks very good as it retains the styling cues of the sedan as much as possible.

The Octavia has always been a car with a very large boot. With the addition of the estate, you can definitely carry your luggage and your neighbors luggage along for the journey.

Skoda is expected to introduce the Combi in June 2013. The Octavia Combi will be one of the six models Skoda has announced for 2013.

We expect the engine options on the 2013 Octavia Combi to come from the sedan's artillery and sticking to tradition, a Combi RS would also be in the offing.

The last time we saw a new Skoda wagon was the Superb Combi at Auto Expo in 2010, which never returned to India. It is needless to speculate on the latest Skoda wagon's India prospects.

So would Skoda showcase the 2013 Octavia Combi at the 2014 Auto Expo?

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