First Sketches of Skoda Enyaq RS Race Concept

04/05/2024 - 14:43 | Skoda,  ,   | IAB Team

The first sketches of the Skoda Enyaq RS Race have been released. With this concept study, the automaker is exploring new sustainability possibilities in motorsports while further enhancing the brand’s emotional appeal.

Sketches Of Skoda Enyaq Rs Race Concept

Raising Skoda’s motorsport DNA to the next level, the Enyaq RS Race features an aggressive design highlighted by a massive rear wing. This concept offers insights into how motorsport technology can help accelerate the shift towards a dynamic and sustainable automotive future. It also serves as an ideal platform for the development and rigorous testing of cutting-edge electric technologies for future battery-electric production vehicles.

Powerful concept study based on the Enyaq Coupe RS

The Enyaq RS Race is based on the Skoda Enyaq Coupe RS. Equipped with all-wheel drive, the new Skoda Enyaq RS Race demonstrates the broad scope of possibilities the Volkswagen Group’s Modular electric drive matrix offers in terms of performance.

With its aggressive design, the Enyaq RS Race is also a real eye-catcher, underlining its strong connection to racing and motorsport. Its broad base ensures even more stable handling, while the prominent rear wing provides the necessary downforce.

The aim of the study is to gain practical knowledge through specific technical and design modifications of high-performance electric vehicles. These approaches could potentially be implemented in future production models.

Sketches Of Skoda Enyaq Rs Race Concept 1

From gaming to the rally tracks, Skoda promotes sustainability in motorsport

The Enyaq RS Race represents another innovative battery-electric concept study from Skoda Motorsport, following the recently presented Skoda Vision GT. Introduced in 2021, the Skoda Fabia RE-X1 was built on the chassis of the Skoda Fabia Rally2 evo and equipped with an 860-volt electric motor delivering a peak output of 260 kW. The homologation by the Austrian Motorsport Association AMF (ÖAMTC) enabled the Baumschlager Rallye&Racing team to compete in the Austrian Rally Championship.

With the Vision GT, Skoda recently took an entirely different approach: The spectacular, all-electric single-seater was exclusively designed for the Gran Turismo 7 PlayStation game. The concept study, inspired by the 1100 OHC Spider from 1957, expands Skoda’s presence in the digital racing world.

All these concept vehicles underscore Skoda’s commitment to advancing sustainability within motorsport. The Fabia Rally2 already runs on 100% sustainable fossil-free fuel in the WRC2, providing an ideal testbed for evaluating the technical viability, resilience, and durability of new electromobility innovations under extreme conditions.

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