Official - 2012 Honda CR-V is right around the corner

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We've just stumbled across a fascinating discovery while toying with the Honda America homepage!

Honda America has gone public with the 2012 CR-V after the official website has a section requesting you to signup to receive updates on the soon to be launched crossover.

2012 Honda CR-V

Here's what the website says -

With a new design—both inside and out, new features and new possibilities, the 2012 CR-V will set a new standard for the class. As a top-selling crossover for over five years, expectations for the 2012 CR-V are high and we're confident they will not only be met, but exceeded. Much more will be revealed over the next several months so be sure to sign up on this page to receive updates.

The new CR-V is a crucial model for Honda in India as the 20-30 lakh rupee crossover/SUV space is prone to a lot of tussling. The Chevrolet Captiva, BMW X1, Toyota Fortuner and the Renault Koleos are very desirable cars and feature-packed and stylish enough to take away limelight away from the Honda. The lack of a diesel engine is hurting its sales in India. In America however this won't matter as the market share of diesel cars is not considerable.

It is said that the new CR-V (codename 2WS) will arrive with a 4-cylinder gasoline engine producing 180 – 220 horsepower. A hybrid variant is reportedly another development exclusive to the Japanese and American markets

The incoming model according to reports online will be marginally shorter (4,535mm x 1,820mm x 1,685mm as opposed to the current model’s 4,575mm x 1,820mm x 1,680mm (L*W*H respectively) ) and slightly more fuel economical.

Artist impression of the 2012 Honda CR-V

The new CR-V has to score high on the "look at me factor." We've shown you a glimpse of the new CR-V through a spyshot. The tail lights looked like they were designed by the same man who did the Volvo XC60. The Daylight Opening (window outline) is close to the outgoing model while there were rumors immediately of a third row of seats installed at the overhang.

Will Honda imitate its competitors by assembling the CR-V in Greater Noida? Would it make sense to introduce the car in the petrol avatar followed by the launch of the diesel guise as and when it is ready?

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