Yamaha RX auction highlights demand for iconic 2-stroke - Report

29/03/2016 - 11:26 | ,   | Anjan Ravi

Used Yamaha RX135s sell for as much as INR 2.2 lakhs.

Production of the iconic Yamaha RX 135 ceased in 2005, however, one dealer in Bengaluru just auctioned seven units of the two-stroke motorcycle, regarded highly among bike enthusiasts and street racers.

Yamaha RX135 press shot
Back in the day, the Yamaha RX135 costed around INR 48,000 on-road.

Rahul S Dhojanna, owner of Pacer Motors, saw buyers shell out as much as INR 1.5-1.65 lakhs for the Yamaha RX 135. The dealer, also a passionate biker, hung on to the last units of the motorcycle for several years, but was trying to sell them since 2013. However, with RTOs having stopped registering two-stroke vehicles, its taken Mr. Dhojanna over two years to gain the necessary permission for registration.

Having seen production from 1997-2005, the RX135 in its heyday was a dream-come-true for any young bike enthusiast. It developed around 14 bhp, returned around 30-40 km/l and costed around INR 48,000 on-road. Added to this, the motorcycle's easy-to-repair nature and the reliability and prestige associated with the brand name, ensured college-goers lapped up this offering.

Even now, a used showroom-condition 1998 Yamaha RX135 commands as much as INR 220,000, while several other examples are priced in the whereabouts of INR 55,000-90,000. While some might argue thats a steep price to pay, this two-stroke Yamaha certainly has its own fan following, despite over a decade since production came to an end.

[Source - Bangalore Mirror]

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