Would a Toyota Supra EV Become a Reality by 2026?

13/05/2023 - 10:49 | Toyota,   | IAB Team

Do you think there would be a Toyota Supra EV available for purchase in the future? Well, Toyota has confirmed that it will produce an electric sports car by 2026. While there aren't any clear or specific details that have been officially disclosed, for some reason we can't rule out the chances of this electric sports car turning out to be a Toyota Supra EV.

Toyota Supra Ev Representation

During a presentation for investors, Toyota revealed its intention of building a high-performance electric sports car. Of course, the auto giant didn't reveal much details, however, the company hasn't been shy when it comes to releasing EV concepts; it has done so multiple times in the past.

It is being speculated that the Toyota electric sports car could be none other than a Toyota Super EV. While there is no official confirmation or data to solidify this information, there had been reports in the past telling us that Toyota is working on an electric car to replace the GR Supra.

Well, whatever Toyota's electric sports car is going to be, whether a Supra EV or not, we now know that the company is indeed working on one.


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