Volvo Trucks Launches 5 New Safety Systems For Its Vehicles

24/05/2023 - 16:51 | Volvo,   | IAB Team

Aiming to increase the safety of cyclists and pedestrians, and also facilitate the drivers’ work, Volvo Trucks is now introducing a range of new safety systems for its vehicles.

Volvo Trucks Front Short Range Assist

Front Short Range Assist (included in the GSR)

A front radar and camera are used to detect if someone is in front of the truck. Via a visual and sound signal, the system warns the driver if there is an imminent risk of a collision.

Volvo Trucks Intelligent Speed Assist

Intelligent Speed Assist (included in the GSR)

This feature keeps the driver informed about speed limits by detecting road speed signs and displaying the limit on the instrument panel. The system displays the speed limit for the actual vehicle combination and also warns, with both visuals and sound alerts, if the speed limit is exceeded.

Volvo Trucks Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (included in the GSR)

This system monitors the tire pressure on the truck and trailer. The new GSR regulation stipulates that if the pressure drops 20% below reference pressure, the driver should be informed via the driver display. The Volvo system exceeds the legal requirements by letting the driver choose to be warned even earlier than the stipulated 20% pressure drop. The system is capable of monitoring a wide range of under- and over-pressure readings. In addition, better energy efficiency is achieved by always having the optimum tire pressure.

Volvo Truck Door Opening Warning

Door Opening Warning

This system, which is available on both sides of the truck, will warn if a moving object such as a pedestrian, cyclist or car is approaching from behind in the monitored area, on the same side of the truck where the door is opened. The system is active when the truck is at a standstill, and for two minutes after the engine or motor has been switched off.

Volvo Trucks Auto Hold

Auto Hold

The Auto Hold feature helps keep the truck stationary until the accelerator is applied, thus reassuring and assisting the driver on slopes and hills.

Intelligent Speed Assist will be available on most markets, while the other systems will be available globally on the Volvo FH, FM and FMX with diesel, gas and electric drivelines, starting in September this year. The Volvo FL and FE models will get the safety systems as part of GSR enhancements before end of 2023.

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