Volvo Electric Trucks Hit 80 Million Kilometers in Five Years

25/06/2024 - 15:38 | Commercial Vehicles,   | IAB Team

Volvo’s fleet of electric trucks has reached an impressive milestone, covering over 80 million kilometers in commercial traffic since 2019. This achievement highlights the significant environmental benefits of electric trucks, as replacing this distance with diesel trucks would have consumed over 25 million liters of diesel and emitted 68,000 tons of CO2.

Volvo Electric Truck

Pioneering Electric Truck Expertise

Volvo’s early investment in electric truck technology has paid off, providing the company with valuable insights for developing next-generation electric vehicles. Early adopters in the transport industry gain a competitive edge by offering emission-free services, optimizing logistics, and sharing charging infrastructure. Moreover, electric trucks enhance the working environment for drivers, reducing noise and vibrations significantly.

Expanding Global Presence

Volvo Trucks saw a 256% increase in global electric truck deliveries in 2023, totaling 1,977 units. The company holds a strong market share, with 56% of electric truck customers in Europe and 44% in the United States choosing Volvo in early 2023.

Volvo Electric Truck Trailer Front Quarter

Volvo has delivered over 3,500 electric trucks across 45 countries on six continents. In 2023, Volvo expanded into new markets, delivering heavy-duty electric trucks to Latin America, including Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay, and becoming the first to supply battery-electric heavy trucks in Morocco, South Korea, and Malaysia.

Volvo Trucks’ commitment to electric vehicles underscores the potential for cleaner, quieter, and more sustainable commercial transport worldwide.

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