Volkswagen Polo BlueGT breaks cover in Geneva

06/03/2012 - 09:13 | ,  ,   | Shrawan Raja

Unveiled moments ago at the Geneva Motor Show, the Volkswagen Polo BlueGT provides a combination of performance and fuel economy with the help of cylinder management technology. Last week we had posted on the same topic without knowing that VW was secretly planning a Geneva debut for it.

Volkswagen Polo BlueGT front three quartersVolkswagen Polo BlueGT side profile

ACT cylinder deactivation is used for the first time in a production Volkswagen. Cylinder deactivation happens between 1,250 and 4,000 rpm (engine speed), and at torque outputs of 25 to 100 Nm. Under moderate loads, the second and third cylinders are switched off providing fuel savings of up to 0.4 liters/100 km. At a constant 50 kph, savings are as much as 1 liter/100 km.

If the driver presses the accelerator pedal, the two cylinders are reactivated. The switchover action occurs within 13 to 36 milliseconds, meaning the driver will hardly realize the power disruption. The multifunction display in the instrument binnacle has a telltale sign of deactivated cylinders.

The engine in question is the 1.4-liter four-cylinder TSI unit that consumes 4.7 liters for 100km (over 20kmpl mileage). It is driven via a seven-speed DSG that pushes the car to a max speed of 210 kmph. The sprint from zero to 100kph takes 7.9 seconds.

The Polo BlueGT marks the entry of the EA211 series of engines that will be a regular feature on future VW models built on the MQB platform. Essentially every Volkswagen model in the future, right from the next generation Polo to the Passat, will use the MQB platform.

Making the model stand out of from other Polo variants are the multi-spoke 17-inch alloys, GT badges front and rear, a lowered front suspension, Polo GTI and Polo BlueMotion parts such as the LED lights, rear bumper with diffuser, side sills and front windshield rain channels. The radiator grille is painted black and the so are the mirror caps to complete the unique look.

Interiors receive bespoke BlueGT sports seats, leather-trimmed steering wheel with BlueGT emblem.

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