Two neatly restored Vijai Super scooters arrive in IAB's inbox

21/02/2019 - 09:47 | Reader Rides,   | Suvil Susvirkar

IAB’s inbox was pinged with more neatly executed restoration jobs as two Vijai Deluxe scooters were brought to our attention. Both bikes belong to R Deena, an avid collector of retro two-wheelers and a regular IAB follower from Mysore. Both models feature the same styling but differentiate by various elements.

Restored Vijai Super Dual Tone By R Deena Left Fro
Deena shared the images of two Vijai Super scooters that he purchased and restored. One of the two scooters gets a dual-tone finish (pictured) while the other comes with a single-tone theme.

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The paint, for example, on one scooter features a single-tone finish while the other gets a dual-tone. The single-tone Vijai Super gets highlights of black graphics that stops the visuals from getting dull. The black highlights on the single-tone model are seen on the apron borders, fender garnish, fender borders and on the sides. The same scooter also features a flat, single-piece saddle featuring a unique design that divides the space for the rider and the pillion. A luggage rack can be seen behind the seat. Pair of black wheels complement the single-tone paint of the scooter.

The dual-tone Vijai Super has a relatively modern appeal to its visuals. The apron gets a black centre while the sides receive a silver finish that adds a good contrast to the looks of the scooter. The panel above the headlight carries the theme from the apron and gets a black finish to its centre. There’s a reversal of theme as we look at the bodywork and the black colour has more prominence towards the rear. The twin seats with contrasting stitching add an even more appealing look to the scooter while the silver finished rims match the colour theme marvellously.

The 150 cc, single-cylinder, two-stroke engine on both the scooters are in factory state of tune and delivers 8.7 bhp at 6,300 rpm. The Vijai Super could clock a top speed of close to 100 kph, but it’s about the experience than the numbers when it comes to retro-classics, and the Vijai Super duo in R Deena’s garage are an absolute treat to look at.

It’s a neatly done restoration job on two scooters that were saved from an ill fate. One of the Vijai Super cost R Deena about INR 18,000 while another set him back by INR 20,000. He spent another INR 35,000 on each vehicle to restore it back to its original grandeur.

Restored Vijai Super Single Tone By R Deena Left S
One of the two restored scooters gets a flat, single-piece saddle (pictured) while the other gets a split-style seat.

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