Report - Trikke launches its product offerings in India

08/09/2012 - 21:58 | Biz | Shoeb Kalania

Trikke has officially launched a range of carving vehicles for fitness freaks and recreational riding in India. The 3-wheeled muscle-powered vehicles are brought down by Varma Tricycles Pvt Ltd, Pune, who are the official importers and distributors for Trikke products in India.

Trikke India Launch- Mumbai

The launch event was held yesterday at High Street Phoenix mall in Mumbai, where Shoeb headed to get the details.

What is a Trikke?

The Trikke is a 3-wheeled vehicle that allows the rider to propel ahead without the use of chains, pedals or his feet touching the ground. The 3-point platform allows the rider to lean on to turns and hence allowing cornering.

There is a lot of craze for these 3-wheeled rides in the International market. Many celebrities, including our very own Amitabh Bachchan are seen using one.

How can I buy the Trike?

Trikke is available in manual and electric variants. The electric one is said to reach speeds of up to 30kmph and can be ridden for around 80km on a single charge.

Trikke India Launch

The manual-powered range starts from Rs.6,500 for the T5 kids version and stretches to Rs. 40,000 for the full sized T12 Roadster. The electric ones start from Rs. 90,000 for the Pon-e 36L and move upwards till Rs. 1,35,000 for the high end Pon-e 48DX.

How does the Trikke work?

The design of the Trikke is such that the rider’s entire body gets involved in propelling it ahead and hence giving the user a thorough workout. This helps you lose weight and build muscle and have fun while doing so!

Trikke Mumbai

These are light weight and foldable, so they can be carried in the trunk of your car. The electric one is less exhausting to use and can be utilized for the daily runabout if your work place is not very far from home.

Is the Trikke suitable for our roads?

Using one on Mumbai streets may not be such a great idea, especially the manual one, as you need to turn repeatedly in order to move ahead, which is not possible on our crowded streets. The electric variant will excel in this department, but our road conditions are not good enough to enjoy them thoroughly. To utilize these machines properly, you need a well-paved or cemented road, as the wheels are small.

What is the history of the Trikke?

In 1988, two Brazilians named Gildo Beleski and Osorio Trentini created a three-wheeled vehicle for riding downhill. The concept of three wheels provided stability, and later they designed the frame to be able to lean, and change the camber of the wheels on the move for better driving dynamics.

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After approaching flat ground, the makers discovered that if the rider continued to lean and turn repeatedly, the vehicle could be propelled forward at a reasonable speed, leading to the accidental invention of the Trikke that today has thousands of fans all across the world.

Trikke product Brochure

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Where do I get more information?

You can get more information and details and even order one by visiting the website of Trikke India.

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