Droom Takes a Very Unusual Marketing Campaign to Promote Road Safety*

15/06/2017 - 12:50 | ,   | Shrawan Raja

A fun way to be safe: Droom’s Rs.9 helmet sale becomes the perfect way to popularise the axiom of ‘safe riding.'

At Rs.9 per helmet, road safety never looked more attractive, and that’s exactly what Droom has been trying to achieve with its helmet sale over the past 4 months. The 4th round of the popular campaign, which was held on the 18th of April, again proved India’s pioneering and most successful online automobile transactional marketplace’s ability to strike a chord with the users with its quirky and out-of-the-box ideas.

Droom helmet price INR 7

Promoting the oft-repeated but seldom implemented concept of ‘safe riding’, Droom’s campaign has managed to sensitise riders about the important social cause. It has also been a runaway success, with 62,859 orders received till now, while the total number of orders fulfilled being 50, 619.

Road accidents claim a life every 4 minutes in India. In fact, last year, 410 people died every day in road accidents. Two wheelers are the worst-hit, accounting for 25% of the total road crash deaths. The Rs.9 helmet sale campaign, which has been held regularly each month from October last year barring November, has managed to create awareness regarding road safety by stressing on the importance of helmets and proper protection while driving. The campaign has also managed to generate great word-of-mouth publicity and brand visibility for Droom, and many users have praised the online marketplace for its sustained and beneficial efforts.

  • Deal Date: 15th June 2017
  • Deal Name: GET-SET-HELMET
  • Deal Price: Rs. 9/-
  • CLICK THE LINK TO GRAB THE DEAL: https://goo.gl/AG79uJ

While the MRP of each of the helmets stands at Rs.750, customers are able to order the same for Rs.9 by applying a code while ordering on the company’s website. The company has tied up several vendors, and helmet manufacturer for this sale and Droom has allowed its branding on all the helmets that bear either Droom or Orange Book Value logos.

Commenting on the success of the 4th round of sale, Sandeep Aggarwal, Founder and CEO, Droom said:

At Droom we very strongly and passionately care about promoting road safety, traffic rules, low or no pollution and buyer advocacy while buying used vehicles. The Rs.9 helmet sale campaign is very dear to us at Droom and one of our most prized efforts at customer advocacy. Road safety is one of the biggest issues facing our country and we are overwhelmed that our campaign has garnered such positive response. Besides promoting road safety, the Rs.9 helmet sale is also based on the principle of ‘psychological pricing’ wherein we expect to generate cross-sales later as many people who buy the helmets now invariably return to Droom to buy or sell second-hand vehicles. All the helmets sold are ISI certified and customers are very happy with their quality and design. We are already looking forward to the next and many more such helmet sales to promote the idea of safe driving in India!

Droom generally delivers the orders within 7-10 working days, barring those who have incomplete addresses or customer inaccessibility, in which case it might take up to 20 working days. Droom plans to conduct this sale during the middle of every month with a total targeted sale of 2.5 lakh helmets.

*This story is an advertorial.

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