World Exclusive: Tata Nano Diesel caught red handed

09/04/2012 - 06:26 | ,  ,   | Kaustubh Shinde

Many of our viewers have constantly supplied us with spyshots of camouflaged mules and we are MIGHTY thankful to each and every one of them. But our eagle eyed reader Rohan has unraveled a feat that is nothing less than a story from the Sherlock Holmes' novel. Deductive reasoning is what they call it!

Tata Nano Diesel filling dieselHigh resolution image of the image that gives its identity away! [Opens in a new window]

Look at the picture above; seems like a mundane stop at the petrol pump right? But now looks carefully. There is a Tata Nano on temporary registration plates preceded by an Indigo (again on temp plates).

So? You ask. They could be just two dealer vehicles fueling up and heading to the stockyard before the final delivery.

Tata Nano Diesel caught testing

Wait! Don’t jump to conclusion. Look where the Tata Nano is fueling up. It is a diesel station. Yes! This is the Tata Nano diesel caught red handed. And the Tata Indigo with temp plates could be its convoy vehicle thus completing the scene.

Tata Nano Diesel rear

While we have seen many Tata Nanos on temp plates portrayed as Tata Nano Diesel, this is the most concrete proof ever unraveled about the Nano Diesel. The mysterious Nano Diesel is one of the most hotly anticipated car in the Indian automotive scene. Speculations suggest that Tata Motors is targeting a fuel economy of 40 kmpl. For our international audience that’s 94 mpg!

Tata is modifying the front and rear bumpers, an intercooler or radiator could be mounted up front. Our spotted adds that the tail pipe emerges from the right hand side of the rear fascia, as opposed to the central position on the petrol model. This is not clear from the photographs, but it is only a matter of time before a clear picture emerges.

Speculations also suggest that the Nano’s diesel engine will be a unique two-cylinder, 700-800 cc mill and that the diesel variants will be 20-30% more expensive than the Nano petrol. If all goes as plan, the Tata Nano will be the most fuel efficient production vehicle in India! It will run using a CRDI (DICOR in Tata's dictionary) engine and could employ the world's smallest turbocharger.

The Nano has been consistently put down by its arch rival Maruti Suzuki Alto in terms of sales figures. But the Nano Diesel is a whole new game now, isn't it?

Will the Nano diesel finally make a dent on Alto’s sales?

Tata Nano diesel Image Slideshow

Can't see the slideshow above? Head over to the Tata Nano Diesel Flickr Gallery page for images.

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